Two new additions are being planned for Belmond’s hospital. One will house an MRI machine for the first time, while the other will expand the outpatient surgical bays.

  Officials from the hospital explained the proposed changes to the city council Nov. 21. Both additions will be on the back (alley) side of the facility.

  Spokesman Reagan Swisher said the hospital board would like the city to vacate the south six feet of the alley. “The MRI addition will be in line with the existing building. The old ambulance bay already sits on the alley right of way,” he explained. “The new addition would line up with the present building.” The old ambulance bay would become part of the new addition.

  The other construction — the outpatient expansion — would be south of the big emergency generator near the library parking lot. It would extend to the east but not take away any parking spots.

  Members of the library board of trustees were also present at the meeting to be sure their concerns were heard. The library board was not aware of the plans for construction until very recently.

  Board President Kate Simonson said...  read the entire story in the Belmond Independent.