by Jodi Turner

  The Belmond-Klemme Broncos traveled to Mason City to play Newman in the first round of district basketball Feb. 15.

  The Knights jumped to an 18-8 lead as quick transitions troubled the Broncos. The Broncos were out-rebounded early, so the boys would not have second chances at a score. The Knights added another 17 points in the second quarter, pushing the score to 35-15. The Broncos headed to the locker-room looking to regroup for the second half. 

  Newman continued to dominate in the third quarter pushing ahead even further, 54-20, as B-K just couldn’t find a rhythm.

  The Broncos dominated the final quarter, putting up 21, but it wasn't enough. B-K took the season-ending loss, 68-41.

  Stats for the game included.... read the entire story in the Belmond Independent.

  B-K finished with a record of 5-15.