The Belmond-Klemme school board heard from students and community members who want to keep a wrestling program.

  Four students – two wrestlers and two cheerleaders – spoke during the public comments portion of the July 15 meeting.

  Wrestler Michael Schleisman said he did not want to miss his senior season. “Wrestling isn’t just about winning, It’s about your friends and family. We want to stay strong together,” he said. Schleisman added that having a B-K program can inspire younger students to take up the sport.

  Tim Griffin, a longtime supporter of B-K athletics, asked, “What can we do as a community to help the school board?” He said that losing activities leads to a loss of school spirit. He added that sharing programs can be costly financially when there are added transportation costs and no games to bring in ticket sales and concession revenue. “Ideally, we need to open our doors so that other districts will want to come to us for sharing,” he said.

  Angie Hanson, whose comments about sharing the wrestling program in June kicked off the debate, said she is concerned that wrestlers are behind “due to not knowing who the coach is.”