by Jodi Turner

  The Belmond-Klemme volleyball team continued to have a great season, clinching another three wins during the last three regular season games.

  B-K traveled to Sheffield for a triangular against Clarksville and West Fork Oct. 12.

  The Broncos started on top in the first set against Clarksville with good serving by Maddison Dougherty who served 2-2 with an ace. Middle hitter Kenedie Gabrielson controlled the set from the front row with five consecutive kills to give the Broncos a commanding 9-4 lead. Two kills by Allie Barrus pushed the Bronco lead to 11-5 before Clarksville went on a five-point run. B-K continued to fight and maintained the lead with good serving by Allie Barrus (3-3 with an ace) and back-to-back kills by Jennah Meyer. Setters Ashlynn Willms and London Young had a busy night. Additional kills came from Madi Barrus, Gabrielson and Allie Barrus as the Broncos took the first set 25-22.

  In match two, Clarksville started with the early 3-1 lead before an ace serve from Willms and a kill by Madi Barrus tied the game. Gabrielson continued to have a great night in the front row with back-to-back kills, followed by back-to-back aces, as the Broncos took over the match, 10-5. Great defense by Allie Barrus and Dougherty helped maintain control of the ball. Gabrielson continued her efforts from the service line, going 7-7 with three aces. Back- to-back kills by Allie Barrus saw the Broncos take their largest lead of the night, 16-6. Madison Roberts added a kill from the right side, followed by back-to-back kills by Madi Barrus. But the Indians were not ready to head home, giving the Broncos a challenge late in the match. Clarksville went on a ten-point run to tie the game, 22-22. B-K fought for the last three points, taking the win 25-22.

  In the second game, the Broncos jumped to a 3-0 lead over the host team on back-to-back kills by Jennah Meyer and Allie Barrus’ 3-3 serving, including an ace. The Bronco servers continued to have a good night as Ashlynn Willms went 2-2 and Madi Barrus went 5-5 with an ace as the Broncos jumped to a 10-5 lead. Kills by Allie Barrus and Kenedie Gabrielson pushed the Bronco lead to 15-6. Gabrielson went on a 6-6 serving run, followed by kills by Meyer and Madi Barrus, and the Broncos won 25-12.

  In the second set, the Broncos took the lead early on kills by Gabrielson and Madison Roberts. Great serving by Meyer, 5-5, pushed the Bronco lead to 7-3. Back-to-back kills by Gabrielson and an ace serve from Willms gave B-K a big lead, 12-3. Midway through the match, Gabrielson went out with an ankle injury, challenging the Broncos to overcome a setback. The Bronco hitters stepped up with kills by Roberts and Allie Barrus to take the score to 18-9. The Broncos took the match, 25-11.

   The Broncos traveled to Rockford to wrap up the regular season Oct. 15. Madi Barrus started the game with a kill. Maddison Dougherty served 3-3 with one ace to give the Broncos the 7-4 lead. A kill by Allie Barrus and an ace serve by London Young moved the score to 10-5. Emilie Dougherty and Jennah Meyer collected their first kills of the night, followed by Meyer serving 3-3 with an ace to give B-K the 15-8 lead. Nice digs by Madi Barrus and Meyer helped save points numerous times on defense, and the Broncos led 20-11. Back-to-back kills by Allie Barrus, a kill by Madison Roberts and Jaz Gomez closed out the set, 25-11.

  In the second set, the Broncos had to battle back after falling behind 7-4. Four kills by Allie Barrus and outstanding setting by Ashlynn Willms brought the Broncos within two points of the lead, 11-9. However, Rockford continued to stay one step ahead. Good serving by Willms, 3-3, and back-to-back kills by Madi Barrus kept the Broncos within two points. It wasn’t until a solo block by Jaz Gomez that the Broncos tied the game and never looked back. Kills by Allie Barrus, Meyer and Madi Barrus pulled B-K ahead 20-18. Meyer collected another kill, followed by 3-3 serving from Allie Barrus, gave the Broncos a 24-20 lead. Madi Barrus ended the set with a kill as the Broncos won 25-20.

  In the third set, the Broncos dominated, thanks to great work by Young and Willms. Madi Barrus had three kills and Roberts had one to put the Broncos in the lead, 5-2. Willms served 4-4, as Allie Barrus set the ball for back-to-back kills, giving B-K the 15-7 lead. Meyer had her own back-to-back kills, followed by an ace serve by Young as the Broncos took their largest lead in the match, 20-9. An ace serve by Meyer, block by Roberts and a final kill by Madi Barrus gave the Broncos their third victory of the week, 25-12.