by Jodi Turner

  The Belmond-Klemme volleyball team started off the week with a home opener against Lake Mills Sept. 1.

  The Bulldogs, conference champions for 15 years, played true to form. LM jumped to a 6-2 lead in the first match, before Madi Barrus recorded B-K’s lone kill. The Broncos struggled to score after that kill, taking the loss 25-4.

  The Broncos bounced back in the second match with a kill by Addison McMurray and serving by Kenedie Gabrielson that tied the game 3-3. The Bulldogs were one step ahead, but B-K would fight back every time. McMurray and Allie Barrus contributed kills in the match. Allie Barrus followed up with a solo block that brought the Broncos within two, 10-8. B-K’s defense continued to work hard, as London Young had two digs to save the point for the Broncos. LM went on a seven-point run, making the score 17-10, before Gabrielson served 2-2 to add to the Bronco score. With the game coming down to the end, Madi Barrus added one more kill before LM closed out the match, 25-14.

  Match number three started with the Broncos taking the lead 3-1 on a kill by McMurray and double block from Jennah Meyer and Madi Barrus. The Broncos continued to add points, maintaining their lead thanks to additional kills by McMurray and Madi Barrus. The Bulldogs fought back, taking the lead 15-11, before Madi Barrus added back-to-back kills to bring the Broncos within two ponts, 15-13. Solid defense by Maddison Dougherty in the back row with two digs and Madi Barrus’ two kills kept B-K in the match before the Bulldogs took home the victory, 25-17.

  The Broncos travelled to Eagle Grove Sept. 3 and played the best game of the season to date.

  The Broncos started with a 2-0 lead as Allie Barrus went 2-2 serving with two aces. The lead was extended with Madi and Allie Barrus each having back-to-back kills. London Young had two assists to continue the match as Madi Barrus added two additional kills. Outstanding defense by Maddison Dougherty (with two digs) helped B-K maintain a large lead. The Barrus sisters added back-to-back kills again to push the lead to 19-10. Allie Barrus and Kenedie Gabrielson finished off the serving going 5-5 with two aces as B-K claimed victory, 25-11.

  The Broncos continued to dominate the court in the second match. Madi Barrus started off with a kill down the line as Gabrielson continued her serving streak, going 4-4 with three aces to put B-K ahead, 7-1. The Broncos never looked back as Madi Barrus added kill number six and Ashlynn Willms took advantage of her strong serving, going 6-6, to push the lead to 13-1. Two more kills by Madi Barrus continued the dominating effort as the Broncos jumped to a 15-2 lead. Gabrielson add ed her own kill while Maddison Dougherty added a serving ace. Allie Barrus finished off the match going 2-2 serving with an ace. B-K won the match, 25-7.

  Match three was a back-and- forth affair at the start. With the game tied 7-7, Gabrielson and Allie Barrus each had kills to give B-K the lead, 9-8. EG came back to tie the match again before the Barrus sisters added two more kills to pull ahead 13-10. A kill by Addison McMurray and three aces from Allie Barrus pushed the Bronco lead to 17-10. A great night of serving by the Broncos made it easy to finish of the game as Gabrielson and Willms went 2-2 and Madi Barrus finished by going 3-3 serving with three aces. The Broncos took the set 25-13 and claimed its first Top of Iowa Conference victory.