by Jodi Turner

  The Belmond-Klemme volleyball team finished off conference play by clinching fourth place in the Top of Iowa Conference.

  The week’s first match-up was against North Iowa. Allie Barrus started the game serving 3-3 with blocks by Jennah Meyer and Addison McMurray as B-K took the early lead. The Broncos found themselves behind 8-6 before kills by Madi Barrus and digs by defensive specialist Maddison Dougherty tied the game. The Bison took back the lead, 11-10, before kills by Allie Barrus and Kenedie Gabrielson pulled the Broncos ahead 17-15. Good serving by Madi Barrus, Gabrielson and Dougherty pushed the B-K lead to 23-17. Meyer and McMurray finished off the set with kills as the Broncos won 25-18.

  In the second set, Gabrielson started with a kill, followed by back-to-back kills from Allie Barrus as B-K jumped ahead 9-7. The Bison stayed within reach, battling for the lead. It wasn’t until Gabrielson and Allie Barrus added kills to put the Broncos up by two points that the team never looked back. Aces by London Young and a kill by Meyer gave the Broncos a 22-17 lead. Allie Barrus served 3-3, and Madi Barrus ended the game with kill as B-K won game two, 25-17.

  The battle continued into the third set, going back and forth with kills by Meyer and Allie Barrus. Setters London Young and Ashlynn Willms were kept busy as the Broncos went up 19-18. NI took over the lead, 20-22, and the Broncos had to use teamwork to finish off the set. A kill cross court by McMurray and back-to-back kills by Madison Barrus gave the Broncos the victory, 27-25.

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  The Broncos visited North Union Oct. 8 for the last TIC game of the season.

  The Broncos started with a 3-0 lead, thanks to kills by Madi Barrus. B-K continued to hit well with a kill by Kenedie Gabrielson and Madi Barrus. The Warriors, however, found the B-K holes, and pushed ahead 16-11. Good serving by Ashlynn Willms (3-3 serving) and kills by Madi Barrus brought the Broncos within one, 16-15. NU errors helped the Broncos tie up the game at 20, before a kill by Allie Barrus an ace from London Young put B-K in the lead 22-21. But the Warriors stormed back to take set one, 25-23.

  In the second match, Allie Barrus started with a kill followed by another one from Addison McMurray to go ahead 4-2. Madi Barrus delivered a kill from the back row followed by another McMurray kill to give the Broncos the largest lead of the night, 7-2. The Bronco hitters kept Young and Willms busy, with five kills coming from Gabrielson, Madi Barrus and Jennah Meyer. B-K dominated going up 14-6 and 18-10. The kills continued with four more coming from McMurray, Allie Barrus and Meyer. The set came to an end with a final kill by Madi Barrus as B-K won 25-16.

  The Broncos would have to play their best game as the Warriors were ready to take the third set. Willms did her part with an ace early followed by another kill by Madi Barrus, and the Broncos led 6-4. But B-K serving is what helped the Broncos maintain a lead as Gabrielson, Maddison Dougherty and Allie Barrus went 15-15. Meyer controlled the front row alongside McMurray as both Broncos combined for three kills. But the Bison worked their way back to tie the game at 24-24. With the game coming down to the wire, the Broncos knew what they had to do. Gabrielson started the rally with a kill followed by good serving by Madi Barrus. With the game going beyond regulation, the Broncos took the lead again before finishing off the set with back-to-back kills by Allie Barrus and winning 28-26.

  The fourth set started with an ace by Allie Barrus , followed by a kill from Jaz Gomez. Great defense by Dougherty and Allie Barrus gave the Broncos many second chances. Young and Willms had opportunities to put the ball in the hands of B-K hitters with kills by Madi Barrus, Gabrielson and Meyer. The Bronco hitters continued to find the holes on the Warrior side as the Broncos led 16-13. B-K servers were perfect in the set, going 21-21 and claiming the final win, 25-21.

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