The weather finally cooperated for a Four-Gal Las Vegas Scramble May 15 at the Belmond Country Club. Here are the results.

  First Flight: 1st - Carmen Johnson, Sherri Kinseth, Peggy Knudtson, Nancy Harms - 37; 2nd - Betsy Heifner, Vicki Meyer, Katie Ketchum, Jayme Dougherty - 38

  Second Flight: 1st - Jan Ersland, Cec Peddicord, Angela Olson, Mary Luick - 41; 2nd: Dawn Barkema, Michelle Smith, Leigh Faaborg, Jenna Goeman - 41

  Third Flight: 1st - Linda Schneckloth, Dianne McLaughlin, Nadyne Porter, Janyce Kluss - 45; 2nd - Bernadine Cooke, Donna Pals, Adrienne Pasquariello, Marilyn Pals - 47