Here are the results of the Belmond 4th of July 3-on-3 basketball tournament.

Ages 9-11

  1st place, $45, The Lakers (Pryce Doughtery, Grant Scheidecker, Austin Scheidecker)

  2nd place, $30, The Bucks (Cooper Reiland, Wyatt Buseman, Armando Melendez)

  3rd place, $25, The Suns (Mat Swisher, Carrer Buchanan, Gael Castillo)

  4th place, The Blazers (Blaze Paulsen, Kinnick Perez, Jaime Steffenson)

Ages 12-14

  1st place, $60, The Gatorades (Sam Dodge, Luke Fuhrman, Caleb Volk)

  2nd place, $40, Team Curry (Drew Burk, Kyle Burk, Cash Young, Griffin Paulsen)

  3rd place, $25, The Cool Kids (Parker Dougherty, Kysen Lamb, Braden Dougherty, Jack Johanns)

  4th place, The Bulldogs (Coewhan Kelley, Jamison Wolff, Keaton Wempen, Tanner Nelson)

  5th place, The Toe Ticklers (Bridget Heideman, Kendra Huedepohl, Kaylen Morris, Lila Swenson)

Ages 15-17

  1st place, $4, The Toon Squad (Tyrean Franklin, Marco Cerdea, Ian Tripp, Jordan Castillo)

  2nd place, $30, The Lil Hawks (Jackson Belstene, Lenaya Smith, Trey Dervich)

  3rd place, $25, Team Diversity (Zander McLemor, Brian Duran, Robert Naranjo, Emmanuel Ellis)

  4th place, Durham Boys (Ty, Hayden, Dom)

Ages 18+

  1st place, $45, Harlem Buckets (Jerome Bailey Sr., Jerome Bailey Jr., Prince Campbell, Tre Matthews)

  2nd place, $30, The Alcones (Lauro Mata, Rigoberto Dominguez, Emilio, Mariano)

  3rd place, $25, Gym Class Heroes (Brayden Olson, Ryan Olson, Luke Cohill)

  4th place, The Heatles (Alex Machua, Pedro Maduca, Joseph Gulla, Danny Giuterrez)

  The event was organized by Michelle Buseman with help from Sergio Suarez. Tom Burk was the referee for the age 9-11 games.