Belmond-Klemme could do nothing to stop a homecoming celebration for host team South Hamilton in Jewell Sept. 17.

  The Hawks ate up the clock with long drives which severely limited the Bronco chances all night. SH led 8-0 after its first drive, and scored on a pick six with only three minutes left in the half.

  The Broncos were unable to generate any offense in the first drive of the second half, while the Hawks went on another long scoring drive to go ahead 24-0.

  SH scored twice in the fourth period to push the score to 38-0, and activating the continuous clock rule.

  The Broncos did avoid a shutout with a touchdown in the waning minutes of the game. The drive started at the B-K 19, and a pass to Brody Paulsen and a long run by Tate Sander put the Broncos at midfield. Clayton Pletsch then ran the ball to the SH 25-yard line. A five-yard run by Sander put the Broncos in the red zone for the first time in the game. Pletsch carried the ball into the end zone for the score with 39 seconds left.

  The final score was SH 38, B-K 7.