by Jodi Turner

  The Bronco volleyball team started off homecoming week against Forest City Sept. 24.

  The Indians jumped to an early 5-3 lead before B-K took the side out with a kill by Kenedie Gabrielson. The Indians answered back quickly, pushing their lead even bigger, 8-3. Haley Beminio had a big block from the center to side out, as Allie Barrus followed, going 2-2 serving. FC went on an eight-point run, before taking the win 25-8.

  In the second set, FC took a 3-1 lead until Maddison Dougherty went 3-3 serving and Gabrielson added a kill to tie up the game 5-5. Gabrielson continued with great serving, pushing B-K ahead 9-8. The Broncos quickly sided out again, pushing themselves further ahead, 15-11. Allie Barrus served 5-5 with two aces as the Indians tried to catch up. Barrus continued to play a great back row with four digs, along with Dougherty who had four digs of her own, saving side out five times. The Broncos pushed forward, as Beminio finished out the set with a kill for the win, 25-22.

  In the third set, the Broncos battled back and forth with the Indians early as Gabrielson continued her fine serving streak, going 3-3. The Indians pulled ahead quickly, 11-3, before Allie Barrus had a big block to side out. Beminio followed with two kills, edging the Broncos closer, 15-10. Barrus added a kill, followed by a few good digs by Dougherty and Madi Barrus. But the Indians took the win, 25-13, sending the match to the fourth set.

  The Broncos tied up the game with a kill by Madi Barrus and good serving by Dougherty. Beminio added another kill, along with good serving by Gabrielson to pull B-K closer, 9-7. FC keyed in on Bronco errors and pushed ahead 17-10, before claiming the 25-11 victory.

  The Broncos finished off homecoming week at the Bishop Garrigan Tournament Sept. 28.

  In the first game, the host team took an early lead 7-4 over B-K. Madi Barrus and Allie Barrus each had two digs early to keep the ball on the Bronco side. Haley Beminio’s cross-court kill pushed B-K closer. Garrigan’s lead increased on B-K errors on serve reception, 19-11. The Broncos were unable to side out again as the Golden Bears took the first set, 21-11.

  In the second set, BG took an early lead before Kenedie Gabrielson had a kill to side out 6-3. The Golden Bears answered back and ran the lead to 15-5. Allie Barrus had a kill, followed by Gabrielson’s perfect serving to make the score 15-7. Garrigan did not let the Broncos score again, claiming the victory 21-7.

  In the second game, the Broncos faced Southeast Valley. The Jaguars fell behind early, 2-0, thanks to two kills by Madi Barrus. B-K continued to dominate with a kill by Haley Beminio and good serving by Kenedie Gabrielson. But the Jaguars pulled ahead, 10-6, due to serve reception struggles by the Broncos. B-K tried to find a rhythm with kills by Beminio and Barrus, but it was not enough as the Broncos lost 21-12.

  In the second set, Madi Barrus, Gabrielson and Allie Barrus each had kills to pull B-K ahead 7-6. Ashlynn Willms had three big assists as Beminio and Gabrielson had back-to-back kills. Great serving by Madi Barrus who was 6-6 with two aces took B-K closer to a victory. Allie Barrus finished off the match with a kill down line to give B-K the 21-19 win.

  In the deciding set, Maddison Dougherty served 3-3 with two aces as B-K took the early lead, 5-1. Another kill by Madi Barrus continued the winning trend before the Jaguars tied the game 8-8. The Broncos tried to get back into a groove with a kill by Allie Barrus, but SEV pushed forward, claiming the victory 15-10.

  In the third game, B-K faced North Iowa. The Bison jumped to an early 4-1 lead before Kenedie Gabrielson and Allie Barrus each had a kill, making the score 4-3. The Bison pushed to a 11-3 lead before Gabrielson and Barrus each had kills again to side out. Gabrielson continued to serve great, going 3-3 to bring B-K within seven before the Bison closed out the game, 21-11.

  The struggle continued in the second set, as the girls fell behind 13-1 and were unable to recover. Gabrielson and Beminio each had kills, but B-K took the tough loss, 21-8.

  The Broncos faced West Hancock for the first time this season. The Broncos jumped to the early lead as Madi Barrus served 2-2 with an ace. The Eagles came back to tie the game 4-4 before Jennah Meyer served perfectly 3-3 to give the Broncos a 9-7 lead. The game see-sawed back and forth for the whole match with great serving by Madi Barrus, Maddison Dougherty and Kenedie Gabrielson. With the game tied 19-19, Allie Barrus and Dougherty served 4-4 to claim the win 23-21.

  In the second match, Ashlynn Willms started the action with an ace. The Eagles fought back, taking the lead away as the Bronco found it difficult to adjust midway. The Eagles continued to roll, taking the win 21-11.

  In the deciding game, the Broncos refused to let the Eagles overtake them again. An early kill by Meyer and great serving by Dougherty pushed the score to 5-2. Beminio and Addison McMurray added kills, pushing the score to 9-5. McMurray added another kill as Maddison Dougherty finished off the match by serving an ace as B-K captured the first win of the day, 15-9.

  The next game was against Garner-Hayfield-Ventura. B-K jumped to a commanding 6-1 lead with kills by Jennah Meyer and Allie Barrus. But the Cardinals came back to take the lead and did not look back, finishing off the game with the 21-11 win.

  In the second set, the Broncos went back and forth with GHV, and used an ace by Madi Barrus and kill by Allie Barrus to tie the game, 6-6. Allie Barrus had three more kills, keeping GHV within reach, 15-9. Beminio added a kill, followed by Madi Barrus serving 3-3. But B-K just couldn’t keep up losing, 21-13.

  In the final game of the day, the Broncos faced the number one seed St. Ansgar. The Broncos gave the Saints trouble early, jumping to a 3-2 lead. Madi Barrus served 3-3 with an ace, along with Kenedie Gabrielson serving 2-2 to push B-K further ahead, 9-5. Haley Beminio added another kill, followed by Allie Barrus serving 4-4. Addison McMurray and Beminio continued to hit well with kills as B-K kept the lead 14-12. The Saints came back to tie the game, 15-15, before Jennah Meyer served 2-2, followed by big kills by Allie Barrus and Beminio to end the match. The Broncos won 21-17.

  In the second set, the Saints took the early lead, 8-3, as B-K had a slow start. But Maddison Dougherty and Madi Barrus put B-K back into the game, serving a perfect 3-3 with an ace. The Broncos were only down by one point, 12-11. Great serving by B-K helped them stay close to the Saints, as Meyer and Allie Barrus were each 2-2. The Broncos battled up until the end, but took tough loss 21-19.

  The decisive game was not the game that the Broncos wanted to play. The Saints rolled over the Broncos 15-1 to claim the win.

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