Although the Belmond-Klemme school board gave the football team permission July 16 to start using the weight room, that is no guarantee that B-K athletes will compete this fall.

  On July 17, the boys and girls athletic association both said fall sports were on. There were no spring sports seasons, by order of the governor, and B-K cancelled the baseball and softball seasons after a spike in coronavirus cases in late May.

  Monday, Aug. 10 is the first date that formal workouts can be held, although the football team has been having student-led practices at Crown Point Park on Sunday nights recently. Those practices can be moved to Faris Field with the re-opening of school facilities.

  The board briefly discussed the fall sports season, but held off on making any decisions until there is state guidance. A special meeting could be called in early August to make a final call on holding football, volleyball and cross country.

  Darwin Christensen, head Bronco football coach, appealed to the board to open the weight room. “We are already behind,” he said since many districts completely opened buildings July 1 after Governor Kim Reynolds’ proclamation.

  Christensen said he has met with parents and students from 37 families to explain the new procedures in the weight room. “The parents are very receptive to getting kids involved in sports in a positive way,” he said. There will be five groups of four athletes who meet for either morning or afternoon sessions. Each group must work out together, bring their own water, and clean the machines after each session. The sessions are monitored by coaches, and everyone must wear masks.

  Along with opening the weight room, the board also agreed to let the eSports team into the high school library to practice on team computers.

  However, the board agreed that....  read the entire story in the Belmond Independent.