The B-K School Board hired the following coaches at the February meeting.

--Boys Track: Shannon Muhlenbruch, head coach; Justin Meyer, assistant coach; and Joel Bagley, junior high coach;

  --Girls Track: Brad Bloemke, head coach; Katie Landhis, assistant coach; Jeff Buseman, volunteer assistant; and Ethan Albertson, junior high coach;

  --Boys and Girls Golf: Joe Perez, coach;

  --Baseball: Jeff Nelson, head coach; Justin Meyer, assistant coach; Tatin Sorenson, volunteer assistant,;  Roger DuVall, junior high coach; and Colby Schumann and Michael Jenison, volunteer assistants;

  --Softball: Shannon Muhlenbruch and Mikyla Hefti, head coaches; Keyra Cook, assistant coach; and Jodi Turner, junior high coach.