by Jodi Turner

  The Belmond-Klemme boys basketball team traveled to Britt Feb. 2 for the second conference match-up.

  The Eagles came ready to win, and took a quick 5-0 lead. WH continued to build, giving the Eagles a 15-0 advantage. The Broncos finally added points to the scoreboard with Kaleb Carlson scoring on a jumper as B-K ended the quarter behind 17-2.

  Carlson continued to score in the second quarter with a lay-up. Carson Lane collected a steal with great defense from the senior leader, and he drove in to score. The Broncos trailed 31-6. Carlson and Lane continued to add points, but the Eagles held on to their big lead, 36-10, as the first half ended.

  The Broncos played better defense and took advantage of the open shots after coming out of the locker room. Carlson added a quick two points. Back-to-back defensive rebounds by Lane gave the Broncos more opportunities to score, as Carlson and Alex Bartz added points. A Lane steal and back-to-back layups before the quarter ended made the score 45-26 at the end of the third period.

  WH finished off the fourth quarter with continued tough defense. The 19-point deficit was too much for the Broncos to make up, but they would try. Lane added four points, along with Jordan Meyer hitting a three-pointer, as the Broncos took the tough loss 49-33.