On June 4, Director of the Iowa Department of Education Ann Lebo issued an order that waived participation requirements for student athletes of Belmond-Klemme and Eagle Grove (also the Meskwaki Settlement School) for the summer of 2020 only.

   This means softball and baseball players may now play for any school they choose, provided the school accepts them onto their teams.

   Director Lebo’s order states, “A high school student athlete who is eligible to compete in a summer sport during the summer of 2020, but whose school is not offering summer sports, may be permitted to compete for any other member school . . . without a period of ineligibility.

    “No member school is compelled to serve as a host school or to allow student athletes who are subject to this waiver to compete for that school’s summer sports teams. Such participation being at the discretion of the member school. The costs of transportation to and from the host school shall be the responsibility of the student athlete or the student athlete’s family.

    “If a student athlete does not return to the original school at the conclusion of the summer sports season, the student athlete shall serve a period of ineligibility as required by Iowa Administrative Code Rule 281—36.15, subrules (3) and (4), unless an exception in one of those subrules applies.”