K. Trickel

  Katelyn Trickel, 29, died Aug. 22, 2020 in Trenton, MO where she was under hospice care. A memorial service for Katelyn is planned for Friday, Aug. 28 at 8 p.m. at the airport in Belmond where there will be a paper lantern release in her memory.

  Katelyn was born Feb. 17, 1991 in Trenton. She graduated from Belmond-Klemme High School in 2009. Soon after graduation it was discovered that Katelyn had a malignant brain tumor that changed the course of her life. She spent a year in Rochester receiving chemo and radiation to battle the tumor, and ultimately went into remission until its return this June.

  Katelyn had a love of music and enjoyed singing and playing her trumpet. She volunteered her talent with the trumpet whenever she could, including playing taps occasionally at services for veterans. She had a strong faith and loved being a part of church groups and mission services.

  Surviving relatives from Belmond include her mother Tricia Brown and step-father Greg; brothers Tyler and Trevor Daniels; her father David Trickel of Trenton; and many step and half siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins.