Yard Buseman

   Michelle Buseman had nominated other people for the “Yard of the Month” honor, but it came as “a real surprise” when her home at 128 Fairway Drive was named the final winner for 2021.

  Michelle and Todd have steadily remodeled the exterior of their home. It is now surrounded by a variety of flowers and flowering plants that bloom from spring through fall. “We want to make sure that something is always blooming at all times,” she said. Two lilac bushes (which are supposed to bloom twice a year, but may have been tripped up this year by the hot dry weather) anchor the front landscaping. New pots of mums just ready to bloom stand sentry in front of the garage. A pocket garden around the mailbox at the curb will have tulips next spring, followed by lilies in the summer. The north side of the garage is populated by hostas.  

  Todd is looking forward to the Autumn Blaze Maple in the center of the front yard turning brilliant red sometime this month.

  However, it may be the front porch that won the “Yard of the Month” honors. Michelle makes a point of redecorating the porch regularly. While Michelle insisted she does not have different decor for every season, Todd added quietly “just about every one.”

  Currently the porch features a salute to football – and Todd’s favorite team, the Iowa State Cyclones. Michelle said she will be re-decorating in a fall/Halloween theme this weekend.

  The Busemans are not satisfied with their yard. In 2022, they plan on tearing up the landscaping near the Belmond Country Club, and installing a pollinator garden. The new garden will feature blooming plants attractive to bees and butterflies.