Yard August

   The “Yard of the Month” sign stands in front of the Gary and Dawn Divis home at 216 Fourth Avenue NW, but it is really the back yard that is worthy of the award.

  The back yard has a several brick patios, a pergola that shelters a seating area, an outdoor kitchen where Gary smokes meat, fire pit and a cute chicken coop surrounded by a garden of wildflower. The area has even served as a wedding venue.

  Gary said he “fought deer, wild turkeys and chipmunks” to have the backyard of his dreams. “We can’t have sunflowers because the deer love to eat them,” he added.

  The Divis property is three acres bordered by mature trees and the creek that runs through west Belmond. Along with the chicken coop (which, sadly, no longer houses fowl), the yard is peppered with wren houses, a martin house, feeding areas for orioles, and a small garden with a birdbath. A former tree house was taken down and converted into a storage shed behind the garage.

  Godfried the Gnome stands guard on one patio, and Dawn said there are “secret gnomes” sprinkled around.

  The Divises live across from Crown Point Park. The house is bordered with flowers, but most have already bloomed this season. There is a pretty flower garden between the house and the large shed north of the home. But Gary said, “Be sure to ask to see the back yard.”

  The Pride in Belmond committee of the BGA is sponsoring this summer’s promotion.

  Hegge said the Pride in Belmond committee is looking for more members. Anyone who is interested in serving should call her at 641-444-3937 or stop by City Hall.