Belmond city officials will be spending the next few weeks looking for a new city manager, just nine months after beginning a previous search.

  Monday night, the city council accepted the resignation of deputy city clerk Stephanie Fournier. Her final day will be June 17.

  That resignation, plus some family issues, led City Manager Cheryl Gardner to announce her resignation. She asked the council if she could return to her former post as deputy city clerk.

  Fournier’s letter to the city council was dated May 19. Gardner’s letter was dated May 31.

  The council accepted both resignations with regret, with the intention of allowing Gardner to have her old job back. Mayor Frank Beminio and Councilmen Al Mattison and Jon Swenson will begin looking for a new city manager.

  Gardner said some recent family issues mean she won’t be able to spend the extra hours required to lead city administration.

  Gardner was promoted to city manager early last November after former city manager Darrel Steven Carlyle took a new job in early September. Fournier was hired as deputy clerk to replace Gardner early last December.