If you are planning to vote in the June 2 Primary Election, be aware that there will only be ONE polling place in ALL of Wright County. EVERYONE will be required to drive to Clarion to vote in person on that day.

  But you can vote at home and not travel or stand in line at all. Just fill out and mail the absentee ballot request form you received in the mail. You will then receive a ballot by return mail. With that you can vote at home and mail your ballot back when finished, using the stamped return envelope you will be provided.

  Local officials are encouraging everyone to vote at home and avoid the polling place due to Covid-19 concerns. Why drive to Clarion when you can vote at home?

  The Wright County Auditor has already received a large number of absentee ballots. If you would like to check the status of your absentee ballot request, or if you would like to be sure that your completed ballot was received by the auditor, you can check online. It’s quick and easy. Just go to:


  If you have questions, call the Wright County Auditor at 515-532-2771. If you lost your absentee ballot request, stop at the Belmond Independent office for another.