There are 57 students open-enrolling into Belmond-Klemme this year, and the majority of the students come from two district.

  Superintendent Dan Frazier said open enrollment trends over the past five years show that enrollment out is “largely stable.” But students who open enroll in has “increased substantially.” Since 2016, the open enrolled in students have gone from a low of 27 to this year’s high of 57.

  Twenty-three students from West Fork now attend school at B-K, while 17 from CAL also come here.

  The open enrollees also come from Clarion-Goldfield-Dows (ten), West Hancock (four), Mason City (two), and Hampton-Dumont (one).

  Elementary Principal Mark Young told the school board Dec. 16 that he thinks the district’s robust English Language Learners program should get some credit for the open enrolled population.

  “We need to give credit to the ELL teachers,” he said. “People who can’t find housing in the school district go live somewhere else, but bring their kids to us. They drive to our schools or have a daycare here so their kids can go here.”

  The overwhelming majority of the students who leave B-K go to Garner-Hayfield-Ventura. There are 109 students who go north.

  In addition, students have left B-K for CGD (13), WH (five), CAM online academy (two), and H-D (one).

  Fifteen special education students have enrolled into B-K this year. The majority are from West Fork, which sends seven students to B-K, followed by two students from CGD.

  The remaining students are from CAL, Creston, Des Moines, Louisa Muscatine, Rudd-Rockford-Marble Rock, and Waukee.

  Eleven special students are enrolled out of the district. Eight students attend GHV, while three go to Mason City.