Belmond-Klemme teachers will receive a total salary and benefits increase of 1.69 percent in the contract for the coming year. The one-year contract was approved by the school board June 18.

  The beginning teacher salary will increase from $36,712 to $40,000. The total cost of the package is $78,572.

  At the start of negotiations, the B-K Education Association asked for a 4.42 percent increase in salary, while the district offered 1.6 percent. The district also wanted to only negotiate the base teacher salary, removing the current salary schedule.

  Superintendent Dan Frazier wrote in a report to the school board that B-K lost a teacher candidate to Clarion-Goldfield-Dows because that district’s base salary is $43,000. “When we continue to lose talent because we do not compete in the hiring market, you can see why we are fighting to reform our salary schedule and our pay for teachers.”

  In addition, the $2,000 in teacher supplemental pay that was previously paid out as a bonus in December will now be rolled into the salary schedule.

  The salary schedule for co-curricular activities (coaches) was revised from 12 different steps to four.