Buildings and Grounds Director Andy Yackle gave the Wright County Supervisors a progress report Monday regarding repairs to the courthouse and professional building in Clarion.

  The professional building is getting a new roof, while the courthouse is getting various repairs to the bell tower and other trim. Yackle said all repairs are going well. The only unforeseen issue is some rotten joists in the bell tower.

  Sandy McGrath gave an update from the Emergency Operations Center on Covid-19. Last week she was involved in a meeting with hospitals and other healthcare entities about handling the upcoming flu season. McGrath explained that flu vaccines will be stressed, and providers will have to decide which disease to test for (influenza, Covid-19, etc.) should people fall ill. Discussions continue with county schools about returning to classes this fall.

  Finally, the supervisors talk about adding more speakers to the board meeting room since Zoom meetings are likely to continue. They are contemplating posting recorded board meetings on the county website.

Covid-19 Update

  Cases of the Covid-19 virus in Wright County jumped from 387 two weeks ago, to 403 last week, and to 417 this week. Statewide, total cases this past week rose from 35,830 to 39,424. Deaths climbed from 725 to 756 to 800.

Covid Cases as of July 23

Wright County (+14) 417

Cerro Gordo Co. (+112) 453

Franklin County (+30) 145

Hamilton County (+6) 212

Hancock County (+20) 84

Hardin County (+17) 109

Humboldt Co. (+9) 70

Kossuth County (+28) 71

Webster County (+130) 566

Winnebago County (+16) 60