Speech kids

   All four performances by the Belmond-Klemme speech team were awarded Division I (Superior) ratings at district and were chosen to advance to the state speech contest in February.

  The team performed the following at the district contest held in Britt:

  “Appropriate Audience Behavior,” a one-act play by Ian McWethy. The cast included Emma Smith, Serenity Ricke, Addie Buseman, Kenna Hall, Kaitlin Alfaro, Zackry Brannen, Ben Eckhoff, Cohen Sifert, Braydon Warren, Elizabeth Hinman, Shea Sopher, Adeline Watts, Haven Coady, Jakob Williams, Megan Luick-Brister, Sean Luick-Brister, Caitlyn Bates, Chloe Hobscheidt, Acelia Watts, and Dylan Bock.

  The technical crew included Robert Naranjo, lights, and Javier Torres, sound.

  “My Weather,” a short film written by Jacob Hansen. The film starred Zackry Brannen, Emma Smith, Kaitlin Alfaro, Jacob Hansen, Acelia Watts, Adeline Watts, and Elizabeth Hinman.

  There were two group improvisations. The first group included Javier Torres, Dezi German, and Dalton Clark, while the second group members were Ben Eckhoff, Braydon Warren, and Jacob Hansen.

  “I am so proud of all of them!” Nicki Bock, B-K speech coach, said after the district contest Jan. 23. The team is also led by new assistant coach Leo Livingston. He is a former All-State student in improv and group improv. Bock commented, “He is an outstanding coach for the B-K speech team.”

  There will be no All-State Festival this year due to COVID, but students will still be selected for All-State at both the large group and individual state contests. The students selected will receive medals and recognition.

  The individual events district speech contest will be held Saturday, Feb. 27, and the individual events state speech contest is set for Saturday, March 13.