The room at the Aug. 31 meeting of the Wright County Board of Supervisors was at full capacity, in addition to over 20 attendees on Zoom.

  The large crowd was there to give input regarding the recent announcement that the county will not continue to provide skilled home care services that are reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid, the VA or insurance, beginning November 1. Everyone who spoke voiced unhappiness with the decision. Several persons wept.

  Alice Rector, former public health nurse and administrator, talked at length about the serious and adverse impact this move will have on people needing home care. She expressed her concern that the decision was not made in a transparent way.

  Steve Sebby explained that he has been getting several weekly visits from Wright County home care after breaking his neck eight years ago, which resulted in him being wheelchair-bound. Since he was made aware of this decertifying, he has contacted various other agencies and been denied coverage. He asked the county to rethink the decision.     

  Supervisor Chairman Dean Kluss reminded the crowd that the board of health voted on this matter, not the supervisors. The Wright County Board Health will meet Thursday.