Belmond-Klemme Scholarship Foundation II has successfully completed the 2018 fundraising challenge from the Richard O. Jacobson Foundation, according to Lewis Schaal, President of Foundation II.

  In March 2018, the Jacobson Foundation contributed $30,022 along with a challenge to raise an equal or greater amount to qualify for a future donation. “We are especially happy to report that the total contributions not only met, but significantly exceeded what we were required to raise. Foundation II received more than $157,000. We send our most sincere appreciation to all our donors” Schaal said.

  “Our donors gave us tremendous support,” added Dale Arends, Treasurer of Foundation II. “We received donations in a variety of amounts from more than 100 donors. That number is even greater than what we had for the 2017 Challenge from the Jacobson Foundation.”

  Arends noted,“For contributions of $100 or more, we had 41 donors who contributed a total of $155,201 which involved 98 separate donations.

  “In addition, Foundation II had 64 donors who gave $99 or less for a total of $2,488. That part of the fundraising covered 101 separate contributions. We want every donor to know that they are helping to make a difference in the lives of B-K graduates who receive the scholarship award.”

  “We heartily thank our supporters for helping to shape the future for B-K students who go on to any form of accredited post-secondary education,” stated Russ Talbot, Vice President of Foundation II.

  Each year Foundation II works in unison with B-K Scholarship Foundation I to offer a combined scholarship award to each graduate.

  Foundation I was initiated in 1989. Its first award was $60 to each qualified graduate in the Class of 1990.

  Foundation II was incorporated in August 2000 and is approaching its 20-year anniver- sary.

  “As we reflect on the outstanding and tremendous success of Foundation II over the past 19 years, we commend our many loyal donors who have generously given us their support and played an important role in creating an exceptional source of funding for scholarships.” observed Talbot.

  For the Class of 2017, the combined award was $1,750. The very next year the award was increased more than 14% to $2,000 for the graduates in 2018. Then in May of this year the combined award was increased 20% to $2,400 for the Class of 2019 -- the largest award ever made in the history of the foundations.

  During the past 29 years the foundations have jointly paid greater than $900,000 to more than 1,060 graduates from the classes of 1990 through 2018.

  The Richard O. Jacobson Foundation has made a 2019 contribution of $26,139 to Scholarship Foundation II. With the grant comes a renewal of the challenge for Foundation II to raise donations equal to or greater than the $26,139.

  Schaal stated, “We are extremely grateful to the Richard O. Jacobson Foundation for their unique and generous support of Foundation II and young people in Dick Jacobson’s hometown of Belmond. Through these contributions Dick’s legacy lives on and his philanthropic spirit motivates and inspires others to give.”

  For the three-year period 2017 through 2019, the Jacobson Foundation has donated $83,361 to Foundation II.

  Talbot noted, “The three successive years of contributions from the Jacobson Foundation along with the fundraising challenge has been a major catalyst in helping Foundation II increase its total assets by more than $275,000. That’s a big boost which will create a significant difference in the scholarship awards we will be able to make.”

  Foundation II is governed by a nine-member board who all serve as volunteers. Arends stated, “Foundation II has a laser-sharp focus on operating in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. We do not have any paid advisors, consultants, managers, officers, or employees -- none!”

  In addition to Schaal, Talbot and Arends, board members of Foundation II include Sherri Kinseth (secretary), Steve Soma, Tom Christianson, Amy McDaniel, Larry Pals and Dirk van der Linden.

  Checks for donations should be made payable to “Belmond-Klemme Scholarship Foundation II” and mailed to P.O. Box 2, Belmond, 50421 or given to any board member. Contributions to Foundation II are tax deductible.

  Sherri Kinseth stated, “We sincerely appreciate all contributions of any amount. Every donation is important to us. Our primary purpose is to give a scholarship award in the largest possible amount that we can make based on available earnings and growth of our assets. The award is given to every qualified graduate of B-K High School who goes on to any type of accredited post-secondary education and successfully completes nine credit hours earned after graduation from high school.

  “We once again ask for your support. Please join us in putting together a significant response to the 2019 Challenge from the Jacobson Foundation. Donations can be made as an outright contribution, a memorial gift, in honor of someone, or for any special occasion, such as a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or retirement. We welcome donations by cash or check. We also happily accept donations-in-kind, such as grain, common stock, mutual funds, and assets which have appreciated in value for the donor. We will put all of them to very good use,” Kinseth said.

  “We are grateful and proud that so many donors want to partner with us in building an endowment which will live in perpetuity,” Talbot stated. “All donors are part of a team which is constructing an asset base that will generate increasing earnings to make higher and higher scholarship awards in the years to come. We sincerely thank everyone for their generous support.”

  Members of the “Donor Honor Roll” who contributed $100 or more are: Elsie Ward Johnston; Elmer Wessels Trust; Diane and Dave Lieberknecht; D. R. Schaal Agency; Peggy Halverson; Veronica Benetti; Dianne and Greg McClenahan; B-K Parent Teacher Organization; B-K Booster Klub; Marilyn and Steve Janssen; Carol and Larry Severson; Anne and Steve Quigley; Amanda and Jared Rokke; Jane and Brad Robson; Karla and Larry Pals; Duncan Campbell; Belmond Independent; Lynda and Dennis Gallagher; Frank Quigley; Barb and Steve Soma; Jodi Pentico; Ruth Johnson; Class of 1963; Klemme Potpourri Club; Paige and Brad Soma; Lora and Russ Talbot; Class of 1973; Mary Ann and Jack Spitler; Fonda and Doug Thompsen; Marcia and Randy Burt; Doris Been; Sandy and Terry Anderson; Class of 1951; B-K Education Association; Ilene and Dale Timmerman; David Peterson; Packard Electric; Diane Sandman; Julie and Michael Flaa; Nancy and Lewis Schaal; and Lisa and Scott Madsen.