HUMBOLDT: The town is studying the replacement of the giant wooden playground called Wildcat Wonderland. The equipment is now 31 years old with an expected lifespan of 25 years. About $200,000 has been set aside so far. A replacement playground could cost $400,000.

  NORTHWOOD: The city will begin to more strictly enforce a sidewalk maintenance law. Sidewalks in town will be inspected, and letters will be mailed for those in need of repair. Adjacent property owners will have one year to fix the bad walkways. Otherwise, the city will do the work and add the cost to property taxes.

  CLEAR LAKE: The Noon Lions Club served 4,000 chicken halves at its annual barbecue on July 18.

  EAGLE GROVE: A chapter of the group called 100 Women who Care has been started here. The idea is to gather 100 women each quarter who will donate $100. That money is then given to a need in the community. Algona, Iowa Falls and Humboldt also have chapters.

  CLARION: A 4-H day camp for kindergarten and first grade kids titled “Wet, Wild and Wacky” has held July 19. A total of 14 youth spent the day making bubbles, playing water games, and having fun outside in the warm weather. Photos can be found on the Wright County 4-H Facebook page.

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