LAKE MILLS: Volunteers from the Catholic church provided lunch for the employees at Larson Manufacturing on the day before the factory was to close. A local pizza place made 40 Italian pies, and church members made desserts. After more than 50 years of making doors, the plant is now closed, and 200 people are out of work.

  GARNER: The county supervisors want to clean out a drainage ditch in Twin Lakes Township west of Goodell. But Northern Natural Gas says it has pipelines less than two feet below the surface and doesn’t want the work done. The county may have to ask NNG to lower the pipelines.

  NORTHWOOD: The county supervisors heard that the road department is down two motor graders. There are no spares, parts are hard to find, and new equipment has a long delivery time. One snow plow truck is also not working.

  ALGONA: Bishop Garrigan students in grades 3-12 packaged 10,000 meals for the Outreach Program of Des Moines. The food will be sent to needy people in Mississippi.

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