CLARION: A public forum on the race for Wright County Supervisor was moved from indoors at the movie theater on Sept. 28 to outdoors at the football field on Oct. 5. Many of the citizens in the audience grilled the supervisor candidates on recent changes to the operations of the Wright County Public Health Department.

  SHEFFIELD: The West Fork Schools will be starting three hours late each Wednesday morning to give teachers more time to deal with both online and in-person learning.

  HAMPTON: The new south bridge on Highway 65 is now finished, and the new north bridge should be open next week. Detour signs will be disappearing. Two more new bridges on Highway 65 near Rockwell should be finished by the middle of next month.

  BRITT: The school board passed a new face mask requirement for grades 6-12 and for spectators at activities. It was pointed out that one high school student with Covid-19 was recently responsible for 30 other students being quarantined. At the beginning of the school year, the board had decided not to require face masks.

  GARNER: The school board held a special session to discuss a face mask requirement. It was decided that all students in grades 1-12 should be masked in class and during indoor and outdoor activities (not required for athletes). Previously, school officials had encouraged masks, but not required them.

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