The Wright County Supervisors held a public hearing Feb. 8 on their property tax increase.

  The plan calls for a 7.24% increase in the General Basic and General Supplemental tax levy. This will increase spending by $367,073 next year. The Rural Services Fund will spend $40,000 more, which is a 2% increase.

  Auditor Betty Ellis said the increases were necessary to fund ongoing maintenance to buildings and equipment, the Covid-19 response, Public Health reorganization, and work at the communication center.

  There were no comments from the public.

  However, several citizens voiced concerns about snow removal. Landowners on gravel roads complained about inadequate plowing that left deep snow. They noted that they had to open roads themselves to feed livestock and to get around, especially over the weekend.

  County Engineer Adam Clemons said, “We felt that the conditions out there did not warrant the blades running on Saturday.”

  Supervisor Dean Kluss added, “We don’t chase snowdrifts. We can’t cover the entire county when the wind is still blowing. I’m satisfied with the way we are maintaining the roads.”

  Clemons said he would review the GPS information from the plow trucks.