CLARION: Church services at Lake Cornelia begin Sunday, July 11 at the open shelter on the north end of the lake. The six- week program is hosted by the Clarion Church of Christ and begins at 8 a.m. All are welcome.

  HUMBOLDT: The county supervisors discussed how they might spend $1.8 million in Covid-19 cash from the federal government. Ideas included repairs to water and sewer systems, courthouse repairs, tourism, mental health program, and assisting daycare centers (something Wright County is also talking about).

  HAMPTON: The city council ruled that a dog had to be removed from the city limits after it bit a child. The dog had caused problems before. (This is not the dog that bit a mail carrier for the second time causing an entire neighborhood to lose door-to-door mail service.)

  GARNER: The city paid $20,000 per acre for a 21.5 acres of land in the southeast part of town. About six acres will be sold to an existing business that wants to expand. The rest will be kept for future use.

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