CLARION: The Holmes Christmas Club, now in its 76th year, raised over $26,000 this past fall to help people with food, medical care, special needs and three $1,000 high school scholarships. The group’s largest effort is the assembly and delivery of 1,200 fruit baskets to elderly, widows and widowers in Wright County.

  HUMBOLDT: The city council agreed to sell the old post office building for one dollar to two men who operate a microbrewery in town. The men plan to expand their operation in the larger space. They have a remodeling budget of $250,000.

  EAGLE GROVE: The childcare center is hoping to begin an expansion and remodeling project costing $1.2 million. The city will apply for a $524,000 state CDBG grant, and local funds of $693,000 will have to be raised.

  BRITT: The city council again talked about the need for both water and sewer utility upgrades. The water tower is 82 years old and the city’s well is over 100 years old. Replacing both of them would cost at least $2.5 million. A new water treatment plant and a new sewer plant would be additional.

  GREENE: A new Scout troop for girls has formed. The Boy Scouts of America (now called Scouts BSA) started to accept older girls in 2017, and several joined the local group. In 2019 girls could form their own troop, and that has now happened here. Four young ladies have their own leaders and can do any activities available to boys. Some joint events are held (with some minor adjustments).

  ALGONA: A committee raising money for artificial turf at the football stadium has received a $500,000 gift and $200,000 in other funding. The cost is estimated at $1.2 million.

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