CLARION: Nine linemen from Prairie Energy traveled to central and eastern Iowa to help restore power following the Aug. 10 derecho. “It was as bad at Hurricane Katrina,” said one lineman who had traveled to Mississippi in 2005 to help after that storm. The repair crews worked very long days, and people were glad to see them. “You couldn’t find a grain bin that was still standing. Kids cheered when we pulled up. People were crying they were so happy. We were getting so much food offered to us that we had to start turning it down.”

  HAMPTON: The future of the movie theater is uncertain. It is closed now because of Covid-19, the fact that people are afraid to sit and watch a movie with other people, and because there aren’t any new movies to show. Weekly attendance at the theater has fallen from 691 per week in 2004, to 279 per week in 2019.

  EAGLE GROVE: U.S. Senator Joni Ernst visited the Prestage hog processing plant on Aug. 31. She learned the plant has a capacity of 10,000 hogs per day, but is currently running at 9,200 per day.

  GARNER: The city council agreed to pay for infrastructure improvements for the second phase of a housing project. Work should begin next spring on ten units with two bedrooms, one bathroom and one garage, and eight units with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a two-stall garage. The cost is estimated at $4.25 million ($236,000 per unit). The first phase of the project included 12 units, nine of which are occupied.

  CLEAR LAKE: The child care center has been in operation continuously during the Covid-19 outbreak, and so far, there hasn’t been one sick child. The kids have been taught to wash their hand frequently, and parents are not allowed past the front desk. Toys and play equipment are sanitized frequently. The facility cares for about 150 children per day.

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