The condition of the streets in Belmond was the main topic of conversation at the Feb. 1 Coffee and Conversation. The meeting was hosted by Mayor Frank Beminio and Councilmember Ron Allen.

  When asked if the city could spend some extra time cleaning the ice ruts, Beminio said the city would be out on the weekend clearing the streets during the warm spell. He said the road grader and new big truck would be used. “That big truck does a lot of the work that the grader used to,” Beminio commented.

  One of the residents who attended the meeting wondered how much Belmond businesses suffered when the streets were so messy. “How many people aren’t going out to shop because of the streets and sidewalks?” she asked.

  There were also complaints about the parking lot and handicapped rail at Dollar General. Beminio said those issues are on private property and can not be handled by the city.

  Beminio reported that the daycare committee is still working on funding and a location. Beminio said the old Ramsay school building passed inspection by the state fire marshal, and he hoped the daycare could be placed there. “We can’t leave (Ramsay) sitting empty,” he said.  

   The mayor also told the crowd....   read the entire story in the Belmond Independent.