Property owners will pay even less tax to the Belmond-Klemme school district next year. In February, the proposed levy was $15.86. At the April 2 public hearing for the 2020-21 budget, Superintendent Dan Frazier said the levy would be set at $15.72 “thanks to additional state revenues.”

  The board also heard an update on the reversal of the Iowa Department of Education’s position on online education. Governor Kim Reynolds had extended the closure of schools through April 30 earlier in the day, and said that districts will have to make up any days after April 10 when there is no online learning available. “We have been very assertive in our insistence on educating our kids” even when the state was throwing up roadblocks, Frazier said. “It has been our position all along. Students are required to participate, attendance is taken, work is graded, and credit is granted.”

  Elementary Principal Mark Young added, “We are doing the best we can for every kid. I can’t imagine doing nothing for the last three weeks.”

  “The B-K community has adapted and really stepped up,” Greg Fisher, junior/senior high school principal, said.

  “We were a black sheep, according to the state,” Board President Rick McDaniel said. “Now we are one of the leaders.”

  Boardmember Jim Swenson agreed. “If the state would stay out of our business of educating our kids, we could do a very fine job. We have done that,” he said.

  Frazier said he anticipates that school will end on Thursday, May 27 for students.