The Jacobson Fund for Belmond has announced a $75,000 relief effort for families and businesses impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak. Community leaders have worked to form partnerships to implement these relief efforts.

  “It is critical at this unprecedented time that our community invests in our neighbors and small business community.” said Belmond City Manager Darrel Steven Carlyle. “We recognize that this pandemic has caused health and economic harm to individuals, families and small business owners. We are grateful to the Fund for Belmond for providing financial resources so that we can create relief programs for our neighbors.”

  Build a Better Belmond has created the Belmond Community Small Business Recovery grant program. These grants are targeted to businesses that have been in operation at least one year, have fewer than 25 employees, and have been negatively impacted by Covid-19, with priority given to those that have faced closure due to the Governor’s orders. Eligible organizations can apply for up to $5,000 to help ensure business continuity. Carlyle is the main point of contact for the program.

  The community has engaged Upper Des Moines Opportunity, Inc. (UDMO) to provide financial assistance to individuals and families who reside in Belmond. Eligible applicants can receive assistance to pay for utilities expenses, rent or mortgage payments, and groceries. UDMO can be contacted for more information at 515-448-3704 or emailing

  The Wright County Charitable Foundation recently opened the Wright County Disaster Recovery Fund and committed an initial $20,000 from the WCCF endowment. Individuals and businesses are invited to make tax-deductible contributions that will support the relief efforts in Belmond. Donors can give online at or donations can be mailed to City Hall in Belmond. Please make a notation if you would specifically like your contribution to be used for Belmond relief efforts.

  “Belmond is a resilient community. We have proven time and again that neighbors giving to neighbors in times of need ensures we all come through times of disaster together. I fully expect this to happen again during this time. Thank you to everyone who will step up and contribute to support the Covid-19 Relief Fund,” said Carlyle.