The Richard O. Jacobson Fund for Belmond has announced grants for 2020. Five projects that strengthen Belmond by addressing critical challenges and opportunities in the community were selected.

  In addition, recognizing that Covid-19 presents a critical challenge to Belmond, the Fund has dedicated seed funding to leverage other dollars to support relief and recovery efforts.

  --The Belmond Arcade Committee has been awarded $41,200 for continued restoration of the historic downtown arcade, a central feature to the business community.

  ­­--The Belmond Arts Council was awarded $25,000 to make improvements to their current facilities.

  ­­--Build a Better Belmond received a grant of $45,000 to support the ongoing work to restore the Ramsay School to its original purpose as a place for our youth to learn and grow. Several partners are working closely together to create a daycare center that will be housed in the school, a critical need for young families in Belmond.

  --The Belmond Dog Park received a grant of $25,000 to install fencing along the outside of the park. This investment should allow the committee to finish its work and open the first and only dog park in Wright County.

  --The Wright County Conservation Board received a grant for $35,000 to support the Prairie Lands Trail connector to Belmond from the northeast. Outdoor recreation is an important amenity to many in the community, and this grant will assist the Conservation Board in putting together the plans to embark on a $1 million plus project.

  Five other projects being considered did not receive a grant.

  Instead, the Fund for Belmond will make available up to $75,000 to help start a Belmond Covid-19 Relief and Recovery Fund to be used to support relief efforts to help those families and businesses impacted by the outbreak.

  “The grantmaking committee is thankful for all the organizations that applied for funding from the Fund for Belmond. We are so fortunate to be a part of a community where people take on big ideas to put Belmond in a position to thrive in the future.” said Larry Turner, committee chairman. “The Grantmaking Committee also recognizes the hardship being caused by Covid-19 on our families and small businesses. We felt it was in the spirit of the Fund for Belmond and its purpose of addressing challenges facing the community, to respond to this challenging time with monies to provide support to those impacted in Belmond. Now more than ever, we are reminded that it takes all of us working together to ensure a bright future for Belmond.”  

  Specific information about the Covid-19 response program will be announced in next week’s paper.