NHS to Colts

   The Chester P. Luick chapter of National Honor Society at Belmond-Klemme High School donated $2,500 to Colts Corner Daycare.

  The money was raised through several different events. A pop can pick-up netted $818, which means that over 16,000 cans were collected. That amount was a new record and the fundraiser will be held again next spring.

  Teachers paid to wear jeans for the week, raising $360. Students picked a teacher to “pie” which raised $339.10 (and the “winning” teacher was Derek Varner). In addition, front row parking spots for the quarter were auctioned to teachers and students for a total of $110.

  In addition, coins collected from the elementary classes brought in $755.70.

  Steve and Marilyn Janssen (who is the advisor to NHS) wrote a check for $117.20 to round the amount to $2500.

  The donation was accepted by Jenna Adams, daycare director, second from left; Raelynn Thilges, center; and Bradi Arnold-Wilkinson, third from right.

  The members of NHS are, from left, Robert Naranjo, Grace Sheehan, Caitlyn Bates, Lauryn Barkema, Isaac Swenson, London Young, Bradan Gabrielson, Ellie Hinman, Bailee Steenblock, Aldo Martinez, Allie Barrus, Amara Kelley (directly behind Arnold-Wilkinson) Aubrey Eckhoff, and Ben Eckhoff.