School front

  There will not be any doubt about where the main entrance to the Belmond-Klemme Junior/Senior High School is located if this design is approved by the school board.

  Architect Ed Wineinger of SA Architects presented this drawing of the proposed entrance at the Feb. 18 school board meeting. Wineinger said the soaring entrance is a metaphor for students “launching into the

future” once they graduate from B-K. The entrance is 16 feet tall and sheathed with blue, green and clear glass panels. The new entrance would require changes to the parking lot, including decreasing the footprint of the circle drive where the flagpoles are now located.

  The planned new entrance to Luick Memorial Auditorium can be seen on the left side of the drawing. The entrances are part of Phase III of the ongoing remodeling which will likely start this summer.