The free summer lunch program at Jacobson Elementary School continues through August 8. For the week August 12-16, the free lunches move to Trinity Lutheran Church. There are no lunches August 19-23. Junior high and high school classes begin August 23. Elementary classes begin August 26.

Lunch at Jacobson

Thursday, Aug. 1: Corndog,

ketchup, green beans, banana, fruit/veggie bar, milk

Friday, Aug. 2: Breaded pork

patty, wheat bun, peas, diced peaches, fruit/veggie bar, milk

Monday, Aug. 5: Breaded chicken patty, wheat bun, baked beans, applesauce, fruit/veggie bar, milk

Tuesday, Aug. 6: Hotdog on wheat bun, ketchup, steamed broccoli, orange wedges, fruit/veggie bar, milk

Wednesday, Aug 7: Meatballs on pasta, steamed carrots, apple wedges, fruit/veggie bar, milk

Thursday, Aug. 8: BBQ rib patty, wheat bun, hash brown, banana, fruit/veggie bar, milk

Friday, Aug 9: Chicken & noodles, wheat bread, peas, fruit cocktail, fruit/veggie bar, milk

Lunch at Trinity Lutheran

Mon., Aug. 12: Walking taco, corn, jello with fruit*

Tues., Aug. 13: Grilled cheese sandwich, green beans, apple sauce*

Wed., Aug. 14: Spaghetti, garlic bread, fresh vegetables, watermelon*

Thurs., Aug. 15: Beef burgers, chips, celery & peanut butter, fruit cocktail salad*

Fri., Aug. 16: Hot dogs, chips, apple slices, carrot sticks*

  *Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches will be available each day for person unable to eat menu item.