Belmond fire fighters fought two blazes in the past week.

  On Oct. 8 just after 5 p.m. they were called northeast of town on 110th Street when a semi truck caught fire. According to Fire Chief Dean Adcock, the truck was being driven into the field when it died. It would not start again, and then smoke started to emerge from under the hood. A fire extinguisher was used, but the fire, believed to be electrical in nature, was too great. It spread to field debris and carried the flames to the rear wheels of the trailer.

  “By the time we got there, the empty truck was burning from one end to the other,” said Adcock.

   On Oct 10 firemen were called to the old Parker school gym about 11:15 p.m. A citizen noticed smoke coming from inside the building and reported it. Adcock said a very small fire was discovered on the north wall of the gym, and it was easily extinguished. The fire was obviously set by someone. Police Chief Rick McDaniel says his department has identified a suspect.