Work is continuing on the new Communications 1 fiber optic network in Belmond. But it will be a bit longer until it is active.

  Spokesman Randy Yeakel said last week that engineers are working on the final stages of getting the fiber optic network connected in the new Comm 1 building on Highway 69. He said it has been a lengthy process to design and build the system, and the company is still waiting for delivery of some equipment. In addition, Comm 1 wants to be sure the equipment in the building is working properly before connecting any customers to the network.

  “The whole coronavirus thing has slowed things down a bit, too,” Yeakel said. “Some of the engineers won’t arrive in town until we’re sure the virus is under control.”

  Work crews will be returning to Belmond in early June to build main lines and bring buried cables to the neighborhoods that weren’t served last year.

  “The requests for service have been overwhelming,” Yeakel said. “It will take a while to get everyone connected once the system is up and running. Every home and business requires different connections. There are several combinations of service: just internet, just television, internet and television, internet and phone, television and phone, or all three.

  “We can hook up a phone using the wires in your home. But television and internet services will be provided on new, high-speed Cat5E cable that will have to be installed. We don’t use coax like cable companies do. And houses can have one, two, three or four televisions, plus maybe internet, and plus maybe phone. Some homes have a basement that’s easy to work in for running wires. Others are more challenging. Our crew has lots of experience and is very clever in figuring out how to run the wires.

  “We are as excited to get the system going as customers are about getting connected,” Yeakel concluded.