Farmhouse fire

More than one era came to an end recently at a farmstead west of Belmond.

  The old “Jacobson farm house” located at 2475 130th St. was burned by the Belmond Fire Department Aug. 26 in a training exercise. That building was estimated to be 140 years old. Firemen set several small training fires in the upstairs bedrooms of the house, and small groups of firemen entered, climbed the stairs, and put out the fires. After four or five practice runs, the house was set afire again and allowed to burn down.

  The farmland surrounding the farm has also undergone changes. Mark Nelson retired from farming, ending a rental agreement that had gone on for over a century. Carol Goeman recently sent information to the Independent outlining the “very extraordinary event to have one family . . . of operators for 109 contiguous years.”

  The first parcel of land was originally purchased by the paternal grandparents of Mildred (Jacobson) Leinbach in 1877. The neighboring parcel...

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