The Wright County Supervisors approved a new three-year contract Jan. 9 with County Engineer Adam Clemons.

  Currently, Clemons earns $132,401 per year. Under the new contract, he will receive a minimum pay increase of 4% in the next two years, and a minimum jump of 5% in the third year.

  His paid vacation will increase from 24 days per year (now) to 36 days per year under the new contract.

  If the supervisors were ever to decide to terminate Clemons’ employment without cause, they must give 60 days notice and must have a unanimous vote of the board. And the county must pay Clemons for one full year of employment after his release.

  Clemons may be terminated for five reasons (such as misconduct or drunkenness). He must be given 60 days notice and the reasons for his termination in writing.

  Clemons may quit his job by giving 60 days notice.

  The board signed the new contract, which will go into effect July 1.