The Belmond-Klemme school heard Sept. 16 that Jacobson Elementary School received “good” marks in the state’s Conditions for Learning survey.

  The elementary scored above area and state averages in three categories – adult-student relationships, boundaries and expectations, and student-student relationships.

  The adult-student component measures if students feel connected to and supported by the adults in the school. Jacobson had an 88.6 (compared to 80.6 in the Central Rivers AEA and 80.5 in Iowa).

  “That is a good number,” Elementary Principal Mark Young commented. “There are studies that show students are successful in school when they feel there is at least one adult – whether it’s a teacher or a principal or a paraeducator – who supports them. Kids who don’t have that connection have a harder time.”

  In boundaries and expectations, which asks about the clarity of rules and consistency of enforcement, the B-K school earned a 78.9. That compares to 76.9 in the AEA and state as a whole.

  In the student-to-student part of the survey, Jacobson had a 91 (compared to 87.8 in the AEA and 88.3 in Iowa). Those questions relate to whether students demonstrate care and respect, and collaborate with others.

  B-K elementary students gave lower scores in the areas of emotional and physical safety.

  Regarding emotional safety, Jacobson had an 18.5 (compared to 21.6 in the AEA and 24.1 statewide). These questions related to the extent that students feel safe from verbal abuse, teasing and exclusion.

  The physical safety score measured how safe students feel while on school grounds. B-K had a 58.7. The AEA average was 62.3 and in Iowa the average was 63.

  Those last two results showed “we need to be more pro-active,” Young said. “We need to make it clear that making fun of each other is not acceptable.”

  Young said having another counselor in the building is already helping. “We really appreciate that extra help. It makes a difference,” he commented.

  The extra counselor is concentrating on fifth and sixth grades, and also spends time in the junior/senior high school. Secondary Principal CKay Jensen said it is good to have a female counselor available for students.

  The survey was taken by third through fifth graders last spring. The students answer 30 to 35 questions, and there were about 170 participants at Jacobson, Young said.

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