Three groups in Belmond will be the recipients of a “legacy gift” from Eaton Corporation. Eaton has donated $150,000 to the Wright County Charitable Foundation which will be distributed to the United Way, Chamber of Commerce, and the Belmond-Klemme school district for decades to come.

  “We think this is the best way to give back to this community,” said Terry DeBoer , a member of the Eaton Community Involvement Team. “You will have a yearly reminder of Eaton.”

  Five percent of the donation will be distributed annually. The Belmond United Way/Community Chest will receive half of the money ($3,750) while the school district will be given 30 percent ($2,250) and the chamber will get 20 percent ($1,500).

The school district money will be used for activities outside of academics, such as the after prom party and yearbook, according to Superintendent Dan Frazier. The chamber will use the money for the lighted Christmas parade and other activities that Eaton normally helped fund.

  Eaton Corporation announced last year that the Belmond plant would be closed by the end of 2020.

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