The Belmond City Council heard a report Monday night from the dog park committee. Member Connie Mattison said her group has already secured several grants and is applying for others. Some of the grants have been in cash, and other gifts have been in the form of land, trees, plantings, benches, grass seed and dirt work.

  The dog park will be located on 5th Street SE, about 150 feet west of the trail. The dimensions of the property are 304 feet east to west, and 212 feet north to south. Mattison said it will be divided into two sections: a larger area for big dogs and a smaller area for little dogs. The plan is to have grass planted this fall, and fencing installed next spring.

  The council then discussed and approved a land swap between the city and Mark Nelson to benefit the dog park. The city will trade the north ten feet of the dog park property for a very odd shaped piece of property owned by Nelson. The Nelson property will provide a connection from the northeast corner of the dog park to the Franklin Grove Trail (behind the house at 807 5th Street SE).

  In other business the council:  to read the entire story, pick up a copy of the Belmond Independent.