The Colts Corner Daycare committee will be conducting a survey next month. In order to apply for a $500,000 Community Development Block grant, the committee must conduct a door-to-door survey of at least 379 households in Belmond.

  Bradi Arnold, a member of the committee, said CDB grants are only available to communities with 51 percent of the population labelled as low or moderate income. The 2010 census showed that just over 48 percent of Belmond’s population was in the low to moderate category. “We do not want to wait until the 2020 census are released to apply for this money,” Arnold said. “So we have to conduct this survey.”

  The houses selected for the survey are random, and the results will remain anonymous. The survey will consist of two questions: “Do you think Belmond needs a daycare facility?” and “Is your family’s income above or below this threshold?”

  The people conducting the survey will be Colts Corner committee members and local volunteers. The survey will be during the weekends in February. Anyone interested in volunteering to help conduct the survey should contact Arnold at Arnold Family Chiropractic, 641-444-3244. Volunteers will be given a list of the houses to visit.

  “We would really appreciate everyone’s cooperation with the survey,” Arnold said. “This money would be very important to the project.”