Belmond received good news last week according to City Manager Darrel Steven Carlyle. He told the city council Monday night that the town’s application for a $100,000 Community Catalyst Grant from the Iowa Economic Development Authority made it through the first round of consideration.

  If the application continues to advance and is ultimately approved, $100,000 will be available to remodel the old Ramsay Elementary School into a community daycare center.

  The community was encouraged by state officials last fall to apply for the Community Catalyst Grant following a tour of the Ramsey building. State officials said the school was basically in good shape and already included an important feature — a fire sprinkler system.

  Also last fall, the Jacobson Fund for Belmond awarded the community $500,000 for establishing a daycare facility.

  In addition, the city is applying for an additional $500,000 through the Community Development Block Grant program.

  In other city business Monday night, the council... read the entire story in the Belmond Independent.