The Wright County Supervisors held a special meeting Jan. 20 to discuss property taxes for the next fiscal year.

  They noted that there are many unknowns at this time, including building maintenance, Covid-19 response, and public/mental heath reorganization.

  The supervisors agreed to set the maximum property tax levy at a rate that is 7.24% higher than this year. This would allow an increase in spending of about $367,000.

  A public hearing on the tax levy will be held Feb. 8.

  On Jan. 25, the supervisors received an engineer’s report for work in Drainage District 194 in Boone Township. Engineer Daniel Wiedmeier said it was discovered that the tile in the area needed more extensive repairs than originally anticipated.

  Four different options were proposed, including an open ditch that the engineer said would likely be the least expensive. A public hearing on the matter will be held March 8 to decide on the best option.