Property taxes attributed to the City of Belmond will rise slightly this fall. The city council reviewed the Fiscal Year 2021-22 budget last Thursday night and is poised to move forward March 15 with the increase.

  If given final approval , the tax rate for city government will rise from $17.12 to $17.36. The additional 24 cents will be used to help pay for the Third Street NE street construction project set for this summer.

  The owner of a $100,000 home paid $943 in city property taxes this past year. Starting this fall, that same homeowner will pay $979 in city property taxes, an increase of about $36.

Belmond City Tax Rates

2021-22 $17.36

2020-21 $17.12

2019-20 $17.12

2018-19 $17.10

2017-18 $16.99

2016-17 $16.94

2015-16 $16.93